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Be an Immediate Responder!

Adventures is sending Hurricane Isaac relief trips to New Orleans soon. Be an immediate responder! Click here to be the first to know when trips open.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck a blow to thousands in New Orleans, and many continue to feel the devastating effects years later.

Today, this Gulf Coast city faces yet another natural disaster: Hurricane Isaac.

Flooding, demolition, disaster – New Orleans needs hope. Now.

Adventures is preparing trips to offer relief and aid in New Orleans. You can be among the first to respond to the damage Isaac leaves in its wake.

People are always asking how they can help; at Adventures we believe it's by getting your hands dirty. You may work to repair homes or other structures. You could help feed the hungry and homeless.

"True compassion is rooted in suffering with someone, entering into their story." Ryan Hewitt, Adventures Encounter New Orleans

Respond with Adventures and go beyond meeting the physical needs of those hurt by the hurricane. Build relationships and be a listening ear.

What can you do now? Respond. Fill out this form and when relief trips to New Orleans are released, you will be the first to know.