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We’re Going!!!!!!!!

One week ago today Corey and I had a discussion. It was a “Let’s get practical” discussion. The reality was we needed $2000 in 7 days for us to go to the Dominican. Between the hope of a scholarship from the church and a bit from our savings account, at MOST one of us might be able to go. As I am the coordinator for our church’s mission trips, we decided I would go.

….but God.

But the thing is that when God spoke to us about going He called us AS A FAMILY to go on this trip. I was literally sick to my stomach thinking that Zeke’s first mission trip would only be with one parent. That just wasn’t okay with me. I hated that we had to settle for that.

….BUT God.

From years of living off support we knew that we had a role to play. So with honestly very little hope….. I mean seriously: $2000 IN ONE WEEK…. we decided to make a few phone calls and put something out on Facebook…. I thought maybe a few hundred would come….

….BUT GOD!!!

All done. Not a dime from our (very depleted) savings account. 100% of the funds in cash, checks, and pledges that are on the way. Today, including the amounts that are confirmed in the mail… our balance owed for the trip is…..


We did it!…… no…. YOU did it…….. actually……

BUT GOD!!!!!

To all of you that gave out of yourself…. from the little you have to the exuberant sacrifices you’ve made…. Thank you. Your faithfulness and generosity has spoken to the depths of our soul. You all know we could never repay… nor would you let us…. but we know that God is true to His promise to return to you more than you could ever give. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


  1. Wow, i’m so encouraged and also a faith booster. Love it when God’s people respond to the call. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. What a blessing and an encouragement!
    God is really faithful in all He speaks. We’ll be praying for you as a family!

  3. So unreal that u would say ..”But God..” I ran into an old friend at the store last month and she too kept saying to me..” but God!!” So excited for u guys to go as a family!!! Love u all..

  4. Corey & Laura & Zek so excited for you too go as a family,I will be praying for you.please keep close watch on Zek.Everyone stay healthy.GOD BLESS YOU FOR A SAFE RETURN.

  5. hey my friend
    SO great to hear – sorry i wasn’t part of the financial aspect of the ‘But God’ but glad to see it happen and trust it will be setting the scene for the journey to come – much love and strength in Him
    love b

    and great for the way you testify about God in this.

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