Oh My Dear Father…..
For the past 6 months we’ve been meeting every Sunday as a team to prepare for this trip. We’ve prayed, we’ve planned, we’ve talked, we’ve trained. Then we landed in Santo Domingo and God said to let Him be in charge. Right there in the airport we prayed. Our schedule is submitted to Him. Our preparation is submitted to Him. Our gifts are submitted to Him. Our EVERYTHING is submitted to Him.

Instead of us coming to do our ministry and asking God to be a part of it, we are watching what God is doing, repeating what He is saying and celebrating that we get to be a part of it. Because of this we are seeing a church being planted before our eyes. Not because we’re great, trained church planters, but because God is MOVING.
There is movement happening here. The Holy Spirit waits for a people who will just say Yes to His adventure. When we as a team said Yes, God smiled and said “Alright kids…. Let’s go!” Since then we’ve been on a wild adventure of watching His Kingdom come and His Will be done right here in Cerros de Mogollon as it is in Heaven.
Have you ever seen Heaven show up in someone’s life? No? Let me tell you about it…
 From dr.myadventures.org
Sometimes it looks like a woman who walks out of her house to see who these Gringos are in a circle outside. Then she invites them in to pray for her foot that’s hurting. Then she hears about how God loves her so much that He sent His son just for her. Then the next day more people come back and she tells them she wants that Son in her heart. Then she prays for food. Then God sends us as a team SO MUCH LUNCH WE COULD NEVER EAT IT ALL!! Maybe Kingdom comes with leftovers?
Sometimes it looks like a woman who is primed and ready to receive Christ as soon as we walk in the door. Then she gets a Bible. Then she learns that God would LOVE to talk to her and show her things. So she prays and God shows her to take the Gringos to her neighbor. So she takes the team there and then SHE SHARES CHRIST (no… not the team… the newly saved Dominican!) with her neighbor! Now she’s taking her Bible there every day to read to her neighbor who just became her first spiritual daughter. Maybe Kingdom looks like immediate multiplication?
Sometimes it looks like that very same woman’s son who just happens to speak EXCELLENT ENGLISH and who already knows Christ step up as a man of faith. God sent these crazy Gringos to come confirm the leadership and the anointing like Joshua in his life and commission him as a spiritual leader in his community. Then he joins the ranks of the translators to go into nearby neighborhoods and translate the Gospel as the team shares. Maybe Kingdom looks like introduction to commissioning to discipleship in 24 hours?
Sometimes it looks like an American who showed up here to “do something” and instead is having their entire world changed through Dominicans prophesying over the Americans. And then the Holy Spirit just keeps going late into the night. Maybe Kingdom looks like our “doing something” turn into “becoming someone.”
I had a lot of plans for this trip… I like this so much better!