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One week and counting; join us.

July 7th, next Saturday, seven days from today, roughly 160 hours. Ready or not, DR, here we come!

We have been patiently awaiting this trip for a long time. More planning, thoughts, meetings, prayers, and donations have come together for this trip than for the last one.  We are anticipating the God will do great things in us and out of us.
We are ready. We are excited.

Well…maybe we aren’t completely ready.

The Holy Spirit just won’t let us go alone. I’ve been meaning to write this since March and every weekend brings it’s own stuff that takes place. Well, its a week before the trip so it’s now or never.

This is what I feel the Lord telling me to ask for.

People to gather around us in a real way by going before the Lord in prayer and asking for things on our behalf. I think that we rob ourselves much joy in this life by having short,
cheap(in that it cost nothing to us) conversations with God (I’m
included too) but even through the cheap prayers Our Father is eager to show His goodness.  So please consider this an invitation to join us in our trip!

How I see this happening.

So you say yes, then you leave a comment that says what day(s) and/or time in specific you’ll be praying for us. Ask the Lord for how to pray and he’ll show you, I also have some notes from Paul at the end of this that you can use if you want. Then, please write down a few things the Lord was giving you and either email us or come back here and leave them in a comment. We love to hear what God is telling others about us, it can be an amazing reminder of God’s love for us!

The days we need prayer are from now until we get back on the 13th.Zeke and I(corey) have had a stomach virus that hit us a little more than a week ago so especially for health over us!

So if you want some started fluid to your prayers here is what Paul would ask for:

Good stuff. Others that I’ll add here are:

  • that we would do well to listen and obey the Father as Jesus exemplified in his life.

  • Health over Zeke and us
  • United hearts and minds on our team, and for disagreements to be resolved quickly, and for love for each other to be strong
  • For God to permanently change us, our team, and the people around us by our obedience in going on this trip

Again, please leave comments, or email us ([email protected]).

With Love,

 The Jacobs

(Even cats pray…for mice and catnip that is!)

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