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Daddy to the Rescue

We’re still moving in the right direction! Last night was even better. I pushed Zeke’s afternoon nap back from noon to 2pm which meant he slept much later in the day… which all leads up to not going to bed until 10pm. So even though he woke up to nurse at midnight at 3:30am… he was still tired so………

He went back to the crib!!!

No fighting it this time… no stationing the troops at Fort Mommy… Just wake up, get a little fussy, get some food, back to bed!! First night of success!!!

Well… one little caveat to success… When he woke up at 3:30… I got up and my head absolutely exploded. Who gets migraines in their sleep??? I’m sure it had something to do with being over-tired or dehydrated or too much sugar or too much caffeine… but just seeing Zeke’s nightlight almost made me puke. So Daddy jumped in with a bottle for that feeding and I went back to bed. So I don’t completely know how that went… except that it went well enough that I went to sleep! I still call that success.

I have to just brag… Corey is AMAZING.

I have a decent amount of Mommy-friends. So I’ve heard a few stories about dads and newborns. It’s often not the easiest bonding for them. Dads don’t get to feed a newborn so they miss out on that deep connecting, bonding period. And most men are created with this automatic “Let me fix it!” response to any problem… so when a newborn is fed, changed, and cuddled but still fussing… often dads get frustrated that they can’t fix it. So until a baby can communicate a little more and interact a little better… dads are often kind of on the sidelines.

Not Corey!

When he gets home from work he does one of two things… declares “Daddy time!” and scoops Zeke up to cuddle for the next few hours. Not always though… sometimes Corey walks in, sees my face or the state of the house and declares “Mommy time!” … and proceeds to heat up leftovers, do the laundry, or whatever else is stressing me out.

It’s not always smooth sailing… Zeke still gets fussy, and sometimes (I know you won’t believe it…) I even get grumpy. But Corey still steps in and stays there. He’ll look at me in the middle of a fuss-fest and say something to the effect of “I don’t know what to do.” If I have an idea I’ll share it… but often we just agree that we collectively don’t know how to fix the fussiness. And instead of running away Corey just sticks it out and stays calm and present despite the fuss.

I love my husband 🙂 Thanks babe for being present for me and for Zeke despite long hours working and all the things you want to get done. You’re a great dad and we are both blessed by you!