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Drive By Encouragement…

Today was an incredible day! My best friend Amy, from Texas, has been on a trek across half the country with her two boys, Eli (3 1/2) and Ari (2). They’ve been driving for two days now, taking their time, stopping at fun places along the way and making memories while they head to North Carolina to visit their grandparents. Today was Atlanta day… which means I spent the whole day with some of my favorite people ever!

We decided instead of her driving up to Gainesville just to drive back down south of Atlanta to stay with family and then back up north to go to North Carolina, we would just meet in Atlanta. We decided to go to the Aquarium… which is pretty much one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve heard the Chattanooga Aquarium might be better… but it would have to be created by God Himself in order to top this!

Just as we got in and Eli and Ari realized that this could be some serious fun… Zeke woke up. And there was only one thing on his mind… FOOD! His poor little tummy has fully digested everything in about 2.5 hours and so when he wakes up all he thinks is “STARVING BABY!!!! EMERGENCY!!!”

So Amy pointed out a bench where Eli and Ari could climb around, I pulled out the nursing cover, and crisis averted. I’ve decided it’s really important to me to nurse in public. I am WAY too extroverted to be quarantined to a room every hour or two. And since it took me 3 days to pump 2oz… my choice is to nurse in public or give him a whole formula feeding. I don’t always choose nursing… and I’ve decided to not beat myself up about it. But since I’m with Amy and she gets it… I decided to nurse.

…that’s when it happened…

A lady came up to me and said “I have something for you,” hands me a business card, and walks away into the crowd. I fully expect to see a card for a lactation consultant and for the lady to walk up and say something like “Since you’re obviously doing this wrong you can pay me to teach you how to nurse correctly…” I flip it over and here’s what it says…

Just a note to let you know that I appreciate seeing you, a fellow mother, breastfeeding in public. You are setting a wonderful example for other mothers, as as our children, who will see breastfeeding as a normal, everyday occurrence. I applaud your courage to feed your child without shame or fear. We will not be forced into serving our children their meals in a bathroom stall anymore! Keep this card as a remembrance or pass it along to another deserving mother. Bravo for you!

Ummm.. Thanks???? Wow. I totally feel encouraged! I really wanted to find that lady and tell her thank you. Made me wonder… If that little card did so much good to my heart… why does the Christian community go around handing out cards threatening people with Hell?